Huntsville residents and businesses enjoy fire protection from a Class 6 ISO fire department.

Huntsville Fire & Rescue’s training and capabilities extend beyond fighting fires, although that remains the primary focus of the department and its volunteer members.

Huntsville Fire & Rescue is certified in rescue operations, and has the equipment necessary to extract accident victims who are pinned in the wreckage of their vehicles, often saving precious minutes that would otherwise be required for Rescue Squad personnel to arrive on the scene. HFD firefighters are also certified in hazmat cleanup operations, enabling them to quickly tend to cleanups of chemical spills in the event of an accident that would otherwise require a response from a hazmat team outside the area. The fire department also assists local law enforcement with decontamination of methamphetamine labs.

Huntsville firefighters provide several services to the community, including carbon monoxide inspections and radon inspections.

About the ISO rating

Insurance Services Office (ISO) is the insurance industry’s leading supplier of statistical and underwriting information. Many insurers base policy premiums on the ISO’s fire insurance ratings.

A number of factors impact a fire department’s ISO rating, but the central determining factor is how equipped a department is to combat fires. Among the factors that can enhance or hinder that ability are response times to fire calls, the equipment and facilities the department has at its disposal, the location of fire hydrants throughout the community, and firefighter training.

ISO ratings range from one to ten. Inside the Huntsville city limits, Huntsville Fire & Rescue has a rating of six, an excellent rating for a mostly volunteer, non-metro fire department. The lower rating enables homeowners to save money on their insurance premiums. The average homeowner in Huntsville saves approximately $100 per year on insurance premiums versus homeowners who live in unincorporated areas outside the city limits.


Huntsville’s fire chief is Jason Stanley. For business matters, call (423) 663-3471. In case of emergency, dial 911.

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